Conditions of Entry

Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre (‘Venue’) and ASM Global (‘Management’) are committed to providing a safe, inclusive and enjoyable environment for every one attending our venue. 

General Conditions of Entry apply to all visitors, delegates, patrons and guests and the Venue has the right to refuse entry or remove any persons who do not comply with entry requirements.

  1. Venue access is permitted only to valid ticketholders, persons with appropriate accreditation or guests invited to specific events or functions.
  2. All patrons are asked to assess their own risk prior to entry.
  3. Patrons purchasing tickets via a third party seller may be denied entry into events dependent upon validity of the ticket. BCEC is under no obligation to grant access to patrons who have not purchased tickets through the official authorised seller.
  4. Patrons who have been issued with a complimentary carer’s ticket must present a valid Companion Card at Box office on event day to receive their ticket.
  5. Latecomers may be refused entry to an event, or may only be permitted to enter the event in suitable breaks deemed by the Promoter or Event Organiser.
  6. No refunds or exchanges are offered for ticketed events unless approved by the Event Organiser or Promoter in accordance with the Live Performance Australia Consumer Ticketing Code of Practice for Event Ticketing in Australia.
  7. Any patrons lining up early for General Admission concerts must follow directions from BCEC Security and staff members and will not be permitted to use their own numbering system for access into the Venue.
  8. Events at the BCEC are All Ages unless otherwise specified by the Event Organiser. Persons attending events who are under the age of 15 must be supervised by an adult at all times.
  9. BCEC is a licensed venue and practises the Responsible Service of Alcohol. BCEC has the right to refuse entry or remove any persons from the Venue who are intoxicated, disorderly, unlawful or offensive. Police will be notified of any person supplying alcohol to minors.
  10. Any person wearing ‘Colours’ or ‘Insignia’ signifying belonging to any Outlaw Motor Cycle Clubs is prohibited from entering the Venue while wearing these items.
  11. External commercial food or beverage products are not permitted to be brought into the Venue. Visitors will be advised to dispose of such items or have them confiscated.
  12. Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted inside the Venue. Persons who do not comply will be advised to leave the Venue.
  13. Any persons who are drug affected or carrying illegal substances will not be permitted into the Venue.
  14. For events where patrons must show valid ID upon entry, they must produce;
    • Valid passport with a photograph
    • Valid Australian Driver’s Licence
    • Valid State Proof of Age or photo card
  15. The following items are prohibited in to the Venue:
    • Professional cameras (with detachable or telephoto lenses)
    • Audio/ visual recording devices
    • Bags and backpacks larger than A4 size
    • Glassware, glass bottles and cans
    • Ipads, selfie sticks and go-pro’s
    • Horns, sirens or similar devices
    • Drones and other remote-controlled devices
    • Glow sticks
    • Laser pointers
    • Weapons of any kind
    • Large flags/ banners or posters larger than A4 size
    • Motor bike helmets
    • Large umbrellas
    • Bicycles, scooters, skateboards or skates

    The Manager reserves the right to add items to the prohibited list at any time. You may have items confiscated by Security, or may be asked to check these items into the Cloak Room.

  16. Prams, strollers or baby carriers will only be permitted into event spaces if stipulated by the Event Organiser. These items will otherwise need to be left outside entry doors and collected at the end of the event.
  17. Backpacks, hand bags and other items may be searched at the discretion of the Venue or Hirer. This may include screening with metal detectors or handheld scanners.
  18. Patrons are responsible for their own personal items and must not leave bags or possessions unattended at any time
  19. Animals are not permitted inside the Venue at any time with the exception of Assistance Animals with valid identification.
  20. All patrons must wear appropriate attire for a public place at all times, including footwear.
  21. All visitors, delegates and patrons attending the Venue must not solicit, attempt to sell or distribute any goods or advertising or promotional materials to other persons attending events at the Venue.
  22. By entering into the Venue, a patron consents to these Conditions of Entry.

To ensure the health and safety of our guests, BCEC has adopted contactless payment methods throughout the Centre, including the car park, and encourages event organisers to do the same.

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