Event Freight


Our in-house team can accommodate deliveries for your event organiser freight, ensuring a smooth start to your event.


  • Complimentary freight receiving, storage and porterage to your event for 1 standard pallet or 1 cubic metre (1m³) of goods is included.
  • A standard pallet size is considered to be 1.2mL x 1.2mW x 1.6mH, under 200kg and holds approximately 16-20 small to medium sized boxes.
  • Freight is accepted up to two 2 business days in advance of event (not including weekends).


  • Freight over 1m³ will incur additional charges
  • Freight forwarders are required for heavy and specialised freight, or collective items larger than 6m³
  • The maximum weight of an item BCEC can handle is 200kg

Porters can assist with freight unpacking and distribution during event set-up, as well as preparing items for return freight at the conclusion of your event.

  • Porterage is charged at an hourly rate for a minimum of 3 hours at a time, Monday – Friday, please discuss with your Event Planning Manager.
  • 3 working days advance notice is required to book porters
  • To ensure all freight is distributed to the appropriate location in time, porters should be scheduled at least 1 hour before the official setup time/exhibitor move-in
  • In the interest of safety, security and care for the building, BCEC porterage services are exclusive to the venue.


To ensure a seamless freight experience, plan for the following:

  • Distribute BCEC delivery label marked ‘Consolidated freight’ to your exhibitors and ask them to attach it to boxes.
  • Your freight, as the organiser, should be marked ‘Client’.
  • Provide us with a list of items so we can anticipate your requirements.  Please include:
    • Expected date / time of delivery
    • Number of boxes / items
    • Dimensions
    • If the freight is of a sensitive nature


All you need to know for organising deliveries, pickups, and coordinating your exhibitors and contractors.


Self-delivery to the Kitchen Loading Dock (accessed via the service road off Glenelg Street). Maximum of 15 minutes parking at dock.  Transfer of goods from the dock to the event space is then handled by BCEC, additional cost & porterage costs are applicable if above the allocated complimentary provision.

Car ParkPark at the Centre and transfer items to your event space by hand or small trolley. Large trolleys and freight are not permitted in guest lifts. Bulky freight should be delivered to the Kitchen Loading dock.

Courier: arrange for items to be delivered to the Kitchen Loading Dock between 7:30am – 4pm Monday – Friday.

Freight Forwarder: Organisers are encouraged to use a Freight Forwarder for delivery to the Centre. A list of major freight providers below:


All deliveries should be directed to the Loading Dock on Glenelg Street.



Consolidate items for a single delivery where possible. This will minimise the risk of items being misplaced and is likely more cost effective.

Advise our team of all deliveries, collections and freight storage requirements 3 working days in advance

Plan for freight to be delivered no more than 2 working days in advance.

Organise post-event storage and freight collection PRIOR to event date, particularly if the event concludes after hours or over a weekend. Most couriers do not operate after 5pm or on weekends so storage will need to be arranged for the interim.


Don’t forget to include the BCEC delivery label which includes all the information required to ensure you receive your freight.

Unscheduled deliveries will not be accepted.

Items delivered more than 2 days prior to event will be turned away.

Don’t leave anything behind. All materials must be removed from the room by the end of tenancy, with no exceptions. Left over materials will be disposed of.


Exhibitors and event suppliers are asked to liaise with the Event Organiser to coordinate bump in, deliveries and freight.


If you are an exhibitor organising the delivery and/or pickup of materials to and from your stand, proceed with one of the below options:

  • Contact your Organiser: please direct enquiries to your organiser to determine if a freight forwarder or storeroom has been arranged for the event, and to receive an event specific delivery label
  • Self-delivery and Couriers: to be delivered on the day of your move in and move out, on-site storage is only available if pre-arranged through your organiser. BCEC porterage and/or storage must be pre-arranged (and paid for) through your organiser
  • Car Park: small items can be carried in by hand or small trolley, park at the Centre and proceed to the event space.

Large trolleys and freight are not permitted in guest lifts.


Audio visual production companies, theming companies and florists etc can deliver event related items directly to the contracted space. These suppliers will be escorted by BCEC to the room. Please advise your Event Planning Manager of which suppliers are expected, and timing.

Suppliers can deliver directly to an event contact, or they can drop off their items at the loading dock, move their vehicle to the car park, then collect their items from the loading dock to take up to the event space.

Parking in the loading dock is limited to 15 minutes only.


Please contact your Event Planning Manager to discuss. 

Exhibitors and event suppliers are asked to liaise with the Event Organiser in the first instance to coordinate bump in, deliveries and freight.

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