Using the BCEC Brand

Using the BCEC Logo in your Marketing

Our logo is available for event organisers to use for marketing and promotion purposes. If you have questions about using the logo please contact your Event Planning Manager.

Logo Colours

Where possible, our ‘red’ logo should be used. Otherwise, the mono-black (if on a light background) or mono-white (if on a dark background) logos should be used. 

The logo must be displayed at 100% opacity. Any augmentations to the logo must be passed via the Centre’s Marketing department.

Minimum Size & Clear Space

The BCEC Logo must not be reproduced to a size smaller than 25mm. For intended uses of the logo below this size, contact the BCEC Marketing department.  

Clear space around the logo is equal to the height of the ‘sail’.

Image Assets

We provide an array of images to help clients promote your event at the Centre. Our image gallery contains high resolution images on: the Centre, its rooms and spaces, food and beverage and the Brisbane & Queensland region.

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